Dr Selman Lacin / Dr Fatma Özdemir

So, after almost 18 long heart-breaking years of our lives of trying to conceive with different methods, but never dropped a hope that we are not going to have a baby.

First visits to Medicana International Hospital in Istanbul, in 18 days of time got positive result from Medicana. We are so grateful to Dr Selman Laçin, Dr Fatma Özdemir and all his staff,

I came across Medicana International Hospital in Istanbul, Turkey online. I was impressed with what I saw online of the hospital’s infrastructure and the fact that English speaking Dr Selman Laçin (heads up the Department), answered all my email questions quickly and the cost too. Medicana offer a complete package that included airport transfers, accommodation, treatment.

But we have already booked a hotel in Istanbul for 1 week to get to Istanbul and find out more about it. The next day we went to a hospital to find out in person, this made a very good first impression on us.

When we meet an English-speaking lady Yelda Sertbas which she is the who is guiding all foreigner’s patient from all around the world so meet we a lady doctor Fatma which also good English speaking lady and kind too. We were confident that this would be the hospital for us and so we decided to trust in Medicana and Dr Selman Laçin and his staff for our treatment.

When Dr Fatma did some tests so she told us that FSH level is a little bit low which was not a big issue she told us than she started the treatment.

The total treatment took 18 days to be completed so when the treatment was completed so we flew the next day from Istanbul came back to Sweden.

Dr Fatma Toker told us that when you guys go back to Sweden you should do a test after 2 weeks to find out if it is positive or not, when we did the test it was positive so we counted us with those blessing couples which have been blest with a child.

She told us to do a test week 6 to find out the heart bit, so when the 6 weeks was completed so did we a test and alhamdullilah it was positive too. We have got a lot of support from Dr Fatma Toker which she guided us step by step very thankful for that.

Important notice to those who are seeking help and treatment

Never ever drop a hope that you are not going to have a child never give up like us. We always had a hope that one day will come and we will have our own baby in our hands Insha’Allah. We were the only couples that were laughing all the time and keep asking those people which was attending the clinic that how many years they have been married all those people which we asked all of them was stress out every we asked they thought that we are crazy.

We are not crazy we were leaving our lives in happiness do not want to think much but the hope we had always which made us very strong to believe that we are going to be a parent one day Insha’Allah and it is true, now we have got a very nice and blessing baby boy. (mashallah)

We did the same treatment in Sweden at the same cost but no luck.

Medicana is the best and positive place to be treated in human sources Kind staff professional doctors the best thing is that they have a lady doctors too which is a very positive for us Muslims all around the world. Many patients are very sensitive like my Mrs and myself do not want a male doctor.

Especial thanks to all the doctors and staff at Medicana Istanbul, Turkey.

Once again thank you so much for helping us achieve this wonderful gift. We will defiantly be referring all our friends and family members where to do treatment.

Best Regards

M. A, K. and Son M. Abdullah from Sweden

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